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About Axis studios Design


Axis Studios Design, is a design partnership encompassing the scenic and costume designs of twin sisters, Moriah Curley-Clay and Isabel Curley-Clay.

Moriah and Isabel have been collaborating as artists since they were small children in Massachusetts. As college students Isabel and Moriah discovered a mutual love of theatrical design while studying Anthropology at New York University.  Isabel and Moriah went on to earn M.F.A degrees in theatrical design from Brandeis University and began working in regional theatre across the united states.  Now based in Atlanta, Ga, Moriah and Isabel's designs have earned multiple awards and critical acclaim.  In Feburary of 2016, They were featured as part of American Theatre Magazine's 7 theatrical artists to watch.   Isabel and Moriah are both proud members of IATSE, United Scenic Artists, 829 as scenic and costume designers.

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